Early Childhood Family Education



Early Childhood Family Education is a program for all families with children between the ages of birth and kindergarten. It's mission is to straighten families through support and education by providing an environment for healthy growth and development of families. ECFE includes parent/child time, parent discussion groups, play and learn activities, special events for the entire family, field trips, day care visits and new baby visits, all provided to help you meet the challenge of being a parent.

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Early Childhood Developmental Screening is a check of a child's development, vision and hearing, growth, health history and immunizations and is free. Screening lasts approximately one hour and takes place at Park Elementary.

Early Childhood Developmental Screening helps a school district identify children who may benefit from district and community resources available to help in their development. Early Childhood Developmental screening includes a vision screening that helps detect potential eye problems but is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Screening is recommended when a child is 3 to 4 years old, but must be completed before starting Kindergarten in a Minnesota public school.

At the conclusion of the screening, the parent/legal guardian will be given a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns they may have about their child's development or circumstances that could affect their child's learning. Information regarding early childhood programs and other resources will be available. The screening summary will become a part of the child's school record. 

A parent or legal guardian should accompany your child to the screening. If you must send a relative or childcare provider in your place, please note this on your Appointment Request Form as special arrangement will need to be made to obtain your permission and signature on required documents. 

Screening is by appointment only.

Screening Dates are listed below.

Tuesday, August 6, 2024